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Zhejiang Huakaixing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of  Huakaixing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It is established in consideration of customer service and company development needs. Zhejiang Huakaixing Intelligence is located in Jinpan Development Zone, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. The company has convenient transportation, 6 kilometers away from Jinhua High-speed Railway Station, 12 kilometers away from Jinhua South Station, 30 kilometers away from Yiwu Airport and the surrounding expressways.
Huakaixing5Core advantagesDifferentiate, Choice is always trust
Independent innovation, research and developmentIndependent innovation is the foundation of Huakaixing's survival. The technology originates from the ever-changing, continuous accumulation and continuous improvement. Based on the foundation of professional manufacturers, it has created a focused product.
Standard production processProduction of real-time data monitoring management processes, on-site resource tracking. Dedicated, meticulous, efficient and precise processing processes meet the requirements of international standard production processes.
Perfect customer serviceProvide customers with 24-hour on-time pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service systems, engineers point-to-point training, maintenance, and equipment fault repair, process debugging support.
Efficient solutionWe provide the most efficient and economical technical solutions. We have successively provided sizing technology and non-standard automation solutions to many companies such as Weibon Group, Rongwei International, Baima Technology, Zhongma, Tiantai, etc.
Advanced technology, first-class research and development teamAdvanced technology stems from our focus, the introduction of foreign first-class research and development team, the core components are all imported from Germany. Have an automated core team to tailor non-standard equipment to customers.
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