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How about multi-position automatic screw locking machine Release date: 【2018-12-23】 / Views: 【4905】次
Multi-position automatic screw locking machine is one of the automatic screw locking machines, which can be used for locking various products. Through a series of operations such as feeding and locking at multiple production stations, higher production efficiency can be achieved. Multi-station automatic screw locking machine is mostly used in mass production of large and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, in the whole process of screw locking, there is no need for more than one person on duty, and even one person can take care of more than one automatic screw locking machine equipment, which saves a lot of manual work. This has a very good effect on improving the current rising labor costs and raw materials, saving a lot of manpower and material resources for manufacturers, and making manufacturers have a higher competitiveness in this market environment. Multi-position automatic locking screw machine can complete multi-angle work, even if the screw in different directions can be well locked, the production efficiency of a machine can be compared with the traditional locking speed of five to six people. Overall: 1. Compared with other screw machines, multi-station automatic screw locking machine has more cost-effective features, which can lock multiple products at the same time (specific quantity can be customized). 2. Save labor, multi-station more save the number of labor, thereby reducing management and control costs and labor costs; 3. Intelligent, higher specifications than manual or ordinary screw machine intelligent program. Sequence control system, locking faster and more convenient. Wilson Automation has rich experience in screw locking, only for manufacturers to create better and more applicable automatic screw machine.

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