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Zhejiang Huakaixing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of  Huakaixing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It is established in consideration of customer service and company development needs. Zhejiang Huakaixing Intelligence is located in Jinpan Development Zone, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. The company has convenient transportation, 6 kilometers away from Jinhua High-speed Railway Station, 12 kilometers away from Jinhua South Station, 30 kilometers away from Yiwu Airport and the surrounding expressways. The company mainly promotes automatic screw machines, packaging machines and other related non-standard customization equipment, while the company provides free lean production advice for customers. The company's business scope includes hardware, electronics, plastic and other related demand industries. The company is based on the basic principle of people-oriented and technology-based company (talent-based, technology-based,). To contribute to the realization of industrial 4.0 in China and to the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, thank you for your preliminary understanding of our company. Huakaixing Intelligent Technology looks forward to your visit and guidance.

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