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Screw quality also affects the quality of automatic screw machine Release date: 【2018-12-24】 / Views: 【4682】次

When we choose the automatic screw machine, the quality of the screw machine is often strictly required, but the quality of the screw is often neglected. There are many domestic screw manufacturers. Perhaps it is too many manufacturers that produce the screw that cause the uneven quality of the screw. As one of the automation of the screw locking system, the biggest core of the automatic screw machine is to complete the screw locking, from screw to screw. Screw screening to lock the whole process does not require manual participation, which requires that the specifications of the screw error can not be too large, such as large head, flat head, batch front, and other bad, which is fatal to the operation of the screw machine, so when using the screw machine, we should correctly understand the automatic screw machine, and from a more comprehensive perspective to understand the automatic screw machine, prolong the service life of the automatic screw machine. Life. In the use of screw machine, often encounter screw sliding teeth, clamping machine, flower head and other poor, these are mostly caused by the unqualified quality of the screw, for a variety of specifications of the screw into the silo of the screw machine, the automatic screw opportunity to screen the screw, the screw does not meet the requirements of the removal, but for the same specifications of the quality is not rigorous enough, the screw machine can not be 100% recognition. And remove, for example, the screw has part of the batch front, which can normally pass the screening, but when the screw enters the guide rail arrangement, due to the engineer's size requirements for the design of the guide rail (general engineers will test the screw sample and set parameters), if the batch front is stuck, it may cause the emergence of stuck materials.

Shenzhen Weisheng Automation has been focusing on automation production for many years, and has many years of experience in screw locking. If you want to know more about automatic screw machine, please contact our customer service personnel, and we will give you a detailed answer.

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