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How to Select Automatic Screw Machine Release date: 【2018-12-24】 / Views: 【4883】次
How to evaluate an automatic screw machine is the right manufacturer? There are many automatic screw machines on the market, which makes the majority of manufacturers do not know how to choose a suitable automatic screw machine. Is the higher the price, the higher the quality of automatic lock screw machine can be obtained? To a large extent, the price of a product is directly proportional to its quality. A product is expensive and it must be better to choose materials. The price of the automatic screw machine is generally compared by its quality, generally through the following points: 1. The batch selected by the automatic screw machine is an important part of the selection, many people will not take it for granted, in fact, the batch plays a very important role in the whole locking process. For the deep hole screw locking, it needs its corresponding batch tip to send the screw into the screw hole. For flat hole products, because of the flat screw lock, the batch nozzle can not be attached to the product surface to prevent scratches during screw conveying and locking. A good batch can provide more precise torsion, so that each screw can get better, avoid slippery teeth and scratch products. 2. The screw feeder is also in the process of automatic screw machine lock payment. It plays an important role in screening screw, arranging screw, conveying screw and other important links. When screening out screw that meets the requirements, a qualified feeder must have the function of infrared detection and screening screw, and have the function of identifying and eliminating abnormal screw. Shenzhen Weisheng Automation is very cautious in choosing these core components and equips customers with imported HIOS batches and NSRI feeders.

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